Apostle Peter Manyuru is a renowned preacher and televangelist who commands a huge following of believers in his church and social media accounts. Unknown to many before he became a preacher, the man of God was (and still is)a successful businessman whose passion to preach and teach the word of God has never been hindered by his busy schedule. Owing to the fact that he is aboard member of Nairobi Aviation College among other businesses, he always has time to preach, teach and have a personal moment with God. 

  Judging from his following and the number of congregants in his church (Jesus Teaching Ministry) we can surely say he is living a life of fulfillment and one with a purpose. However, his calling to serve didn’t come on a silver plate. He encountered a number of challenges and drawbacks. After registering Jesus Teaching Ministry in 2006, he embarked on running his businesses until 2009. Starting a ministry all alone seemed impossible and somehow made the journey seem more paved than he had imagined. As a result, he turned Nairobi Aviation College students in this case CU members and a few members of the staff to a Sunday service. On December 31, 2014, they had a successful crossover service to usher in the new year 2015. from that moment, he never looked back.

    By the time Apostle Manyuru was starting out as a full-time minister of the gospel, he used CU members of Nairobi Aviation College as a launching pad. Aviation Tv which was then part of the college also played a vital role in his ministry. The Apostle was able to reach a wider audience through it which gave him and his Jesus Teaching Ministry stardom fame. Today, JTM has achieved tremendous growth in terms of soul-wining and congregation growth. The church was moved from Dayson building along River road to Kahawa House along Haille Sellasie highway in Nairobi were between 15000- 20000 believers gather to sanctify their thirst for the word of God.

     And if you thought Apostle Manyuru’s quest to preach and teach the word of God is fulfilled by preaching to the 20000 members among many others who watch him on Tv and other social media platforms, then you are wrong. He has a vision of glory. He wants to build a sanctuary that will host a church hall with a sitting capacity of 100000, a football pitch, a restaurant, a bible school, and a swimming pool among many other amenities to serve the current and the future dream. To achieve this, it will not cost less than Ksh 5 billion. to many, this sounds like the wildest dream ever. But to the ambitious and optimistic servant of God and the team that envisions this with him, it’s more than possible and achievable. On a mission to make sure that the vision will not remain dormant, they acquired a piece of land in Donholm next to Greenspan mall where the mega sanctuary will build. 

    In an effort to push the word and reach even more people across the country and all over the globe, several other branches of Jesus Teaching Ministry have been opened and commissioned to preach and teach the word of God in Busia and Bungoma counties. With this, Apostle Manyuru has no doubt that more souls will be won and committed to the word of God through JTM.    Apostle Manyuru’s sermons strike the veins and send a direct message to anyone listening to him one on one or through his broadcasted sermons on Tv, radio, and other social platforms. In due effect, attracting a number of prominent politicians as guests at the JTM church including ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi, Johnson Sakaja, and Babu Owino who is a regular visitor. 

   Other than preaching the word, the man of God is a philanthropist and one who believes in knowledge and education. As the good book states in Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instructions.”  Through Nairobi Aviation colleges; Nairobi and Kisumu branches, many young people have been empowered and equipped with valuable skills to gain stability for their future and that of the nation. Considering the less privileged, Apostle Peter Manyuru launched a scholarship program as a gift offering them an opportunity to get their higher education

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